2018 BBQ Cook-Off

The Chesapeake Jubilee will again be host to the 13th Annual BBQ Cook-off.  With $12,000 in cash and prizes our event is in the major leagues of competitive cooking. The Chesapeake Jubilee BBQ Cook-off is sanctioned by the world famous Kansas City Barbeque Society and is the Virginia State Championships!

Grand Champion$2,500 & Trophy
Reserve Grand Champion$1,500 & Trophy
1st Place (Each Category)$800
2nd Place (Each Category)$450
3rd Place (Each Category)$350
4th Place (Each Category)$250
5th Place (Each Category)$150
6th Place (Each Category)Ribbon


Chock full of Barbecue
Smoketastic BBQ
3N1 Q
Dirty Possum BBQ
FireSide Alchemy
Great White BBQ Team
Good Newz BBQ
Miles of BBQ
Serial Griller
caveman bbq
Riddhall BBQ

Crazy Horse BBQ
Aporkalypse Now
Do it Gently BBQ
Wolf’s Revenge BBQ
Grate Smoke
Rollin Smoke
Smokey Brotes
Slicks Bar-B-Que
“3 BALL Q”
Make It Happen Catering & BBQ
John Atkins

4:20 Q
Big Dog BBQ VA
JW BBQ and Wings
Buttman and Rubbin
Uncle Toads Competition BBQ
True Southern Smoke BBQ
Puff Puff Pig
Cofield’s Catering
Jason Lamping


2016 Cook-Off Winners

2016 Cook-Off Winners

2015 BBQ Contest Winners

2015 BBQ Cook-Off Judges

Last Name First Name
Anderson Edward
Baez Jesse
Baten Jim
Blanar George
Bresnahan Chris
Bresnahan Janet
Clatterbuck Sam
Bradley Bill
Britt Robert
Chambers Jeff
Cunfer Brian
Corrigan Don
Corrigan Jill
Cruse Pamela
Cruse Scott
Dunn Bill
Faddis Melissa
Fraade Maxine
Garman John
Harrison David
Hill Edward
Jernigan Troy
Jones Bill
Kozel Chris
Kunz Bill
Kunz Marian
Lucas Linda
Melvin Tony
Michnowicz Jim
Moore Burton
Moore Joanna
Roush Brian
Roush Trish
Sellers Alan
Sheppard Linda
Sheppard Jim
Varela Stewart
Wagner Wendeline
Wilhelmsen Bruce
Witmer Stephen
Young Debra
Zenerovitz Anthony

2014 BBQ Cook-Off Judges

Alexander Stephanie
Baten Jim
Berger Ellis
Bettinger Cary
Bettinger Wayne
Blanar George
Bradley Bill
Brickel Fred
Britt Robert
Coghill John
DeHaven David
Ditt Shirley
Ditt Tom
Dunn Bill
Fraade Maxine
Garman John
Harrison Susan
Harrison David
Haynes Gail
Haynes Joe
Heilbronner David
Hight Christopher
Hudson David
Hudson Kathleen
Johnston Christian
Jones Bill
Kramer Richard
Kunz Bill
Kunz Marian
Lipman Marc
Melvin Andrea
Melvin Anthony “Tony”
Michnowicz Jim
Moore Burton
Moore Joanna
Morgan Chad
Morris Maryellen
Morris Mike
Nagley Brenda
Nagley Rooster
Nelson Gary
Pasquarello Frank
Pasquarello Kimberly
Perry Dianne
Perry Mike
Ringer Jeffrey
Robinson, Jr. Alan
Rogowski Jim
Smith Noel
Turner Joe
Wilhelmsen Bruce

2013 Winners

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